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   On behalf of CART, we greatly appreciate community support and involvement.  Feel free, at any time, to give out our contact information to any area individual or family in need.  Please know, that due to privacy issues, we cannot release any information as to  “who” and “if” we are working with someone.

                CART strives to provide confidential assistance that brings together resources to our neighbors in our local community to help meet their basic human needs.  Thank you!

I do believe my water was to get shut off today, however CART made it possible by working with the utility company, the Landlord, and another agency; we were able to continue my service.  thank you for everything you are doing for my daughter and myself; we are very, very grateful. 


CART Client

CART was very diligent in helping me find an agency to pay for my insurance and my disabilities.  I am over the top grateful.

CART Client

I received help from Patrick twice this year and I am very thankful. My first year in Cambridge, Judy helped me with getting my car repaired.  I now have credit and a very good score but I didn't have any credit then.  I will always be thankful to you.

CART Client

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